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CPD and Training

Equipping teachers to teach music confidently

CPD & Training at Charanga’s heart

CPD and training are central to all that Charanga does. The team is passionately committed to working with teachers and schools to ensure young people’s musical learning and experiences are wholly positive.

Personalised support, expert guidance

Personalised support, guidance and professional development are offered to all Charanga subscribers. A Charanga login gives you free access to:

  • Your own named Charanga contact with a background in music education, not sales
  • Topical, relevant and inspirational events and webinars
  • Information about local and national workshops, conferences, network meetings and opportunities to meet other teachers

Since adopting Charanga, all teachers in our school feel empowered to teach their own music lessons. They love the choice of songs and curriculum and can see that the children are learning meaningful skills. Staff no longer see music as a dispensable extra; it forms part of the regular curriculum.

Equipping teachers to teach music confidently

Charanga wants teachers to feel as equipped and confident as possible to teach music brilliantly – so much so that its team has already successfully trained over 50,000 teachers in modern, inclusive music-teaching practice. They offer a range of online and face-to-face events – from whole-staff training to demonstration lessons.

Free CPD and training events

Charanga organises free, in-person events annually. Extensive online support includes a range of live and recorded introductory, advanced, themed or ASN-focused events and webinars, ‘open’ workshops, and bespoke sessions.

Free technical support

As well as the Help section, found at the top of the screen once you’ve logged in, Charanga offers technical support should you or your IT coordinator need it. With tens of thousands of teachers around the world using Charanga daily, all issues are solved quickly and easily.

In-school training

If you would like to book a bespoke session for your school, this can be arranged. Longer or multi-school sessions can also be provided. Simply email your named Charanga contact or email for more information.

Dedicated CPD & Training Centre

To complement every music programme Charanga provides, subscribers will find a dedicated CPD & Training Centre on the platform. Visit the Centre to get the most from your subscription and find details and booking links for upcoming events, webinars and session recordings. Support and guidance are also offered in the form of downloadable PDFs – from whole school, yearly and unit planning documents to comprehensive lesson plans.

Whether you’re a highly experienced teacher looking for fresh ideas and materials, a novice who is ‘terrified to teach music’, or somewhere in between, Charanga’s CPD & Training team has you covered.

After training, I felt motivated, inspired and confident in teaching music – a subject I’ve had no experience in at all! I can’t thank you enough. The materials are amazing, your enthusiasm is infectious, and I’m completely inspired.

Meet the team

Every member of Charanga’s handpicked CPD & Training team has a wealth of experience for you to call upon. With backgrounds in a range of settings – including special needs, primary and secondary education, music service and leadership – they are perfectly placed to help with everything to do with Charanga and all aspects of music teaching and learning.

Your national CPD & Training Manager

RSAMD graduate Martin Thomson – an accomplished arranger, composer and music instructor for over 35 years – is Charanga’s CPD & Training Manager for Scotland. In addition to teaching and performing professionally all over Scotland, Martin is a Master Instructor for Avid Sibelius and Musical Director of the City of Glasgow Wind Orchestra and East Dunbartonshire Schools’ Concert Band.

Martin can help you get the most from Charanga and your music teaching.

A great confidence booster. The training session gave me plenty of food for thought, while encouraging me to bring my own ideas into my music teaching.